Signicat and collaborate on digital identity service in Germany
Signicat, a leader in verified digital identity, and, a new identity scheme launching in Germany, have partnered to integrate the open banking scheme into the Signicat Digital Identity Platform.

Genossenschaftsbanken und Sparkassen investieren in Identitätsdienst „Yes“
Ab Mai wollen die Sparkassen und Genossenschaftsbanken den Ident-Dienst „Yes“ einbinden – und beteiligen sich jetzt auch an dem Technologiepartner.

Sparkassen and Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken start with yes® in the summer of 2019

The Savings Banks Finance Group, together with the local cooperative banks, relies on yes®. Over 30 million online banking customers can use yes® without additional signup.

Yes® is an open identity scheme for banks, service providers, businesses and customers. Any company that wants to provide its customers with a secure and simple form of authentication and legally secure identification can use yes®. Customers do not need an additional login to use yes®, but simply use their existing online banking login with one of the participating banks.

yes® is open to banks and service providers and offers them the strategic opportunity to expand their contribution to the digital life of their customers and tap into additional revenue opportunities.

As of mid-2019, around 20 million online banking customers of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and 15 million online banking customers of the local cooperative banks will be able to use yes® as a login and as a digital ID. To this end, Fiducia & GAD IT AG, the information technology service provider of the Cooperative Financial Services Network, is linking yes® to the CAS (Central Authentication Services) identity service of the cooperative banks.

“Yes starts where normal social logins stop,” says Daniel Goldscheider, co-founder and CEO of yes®, “and gives businesses the power to provide their customers with legal-proof authentication at the touch of a button, while participating banks use yes to interface with their customers consolidate, “Goldscheider continues. The central element is the yes® button, which enables the registration on websites, the conclusion of contracts, the triggering of payments in e-commerce and the agreement to services at the touch of a button - without media disruption or the use of further identification methods.

In the near future yes® can then be used by customers of the savings banks and cooperative banks as a digital ID, digital signature and payment initiation.

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